About me

Started 3D graphics software development consultancy, resulting in $1.1M profit within 3 years from repeat customers such as Sony, Google, Autodesk.

Sold and developed mission-critical, real-time 3D software for security, defense, smart cities.

I adapt easily to new environments and challenges. I dislike chit-chat but enjoy problem-solving discussions with technical experts to C-level execs.

Fluent in English, French. Intermediate Japanese (~5000 words, 2000 kanjis).

Excerpt from my resume and LinkedIn profile:

Feeling Software (2005-2012) - Founder and CEO

We developed custom 3D graphics software for demanding customers like Google. Starting from scratch, I sold and negotiated our 50+ contracts for 35+ customers, did all the marketing, some project management, hiring, firing. I personally developed the software for some of the more complex projects.

By 2008 we made $1.1M profit that we re-invested into our 3D Security software.

  • For Sony and Autodesk, involved in COLLADA 3D file format standardization, developed file translators for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. I personally re-wrote the Maya translator. These products were open-source. 30,000 subscribers joined our mailing list over 3 years.
  • For AGEIA (acquired by NVIDIA), helped standardize real-time physics (rigid body dynamics, rag dolls) within COLLADA. I integrated the PhysX engine in Maya.
  • Ported Scaleform’s 3D UI library to Unreal Engine, Playstation 3, etc.
  • For Deep Light (autostereoscopic 3D display), I developed a Maya plug-in and an OpenGL driver to render 9 different viewpoints in real-time - supported AAA games of the time.
  • For Google Lively, developed a COLLADA importer, supported animated 3D characters
  • For Adobe, helped integrate 3D into Photoshop.
  • For Apple, ported and optimized 3D visualizers.
  • For Canadian Space Agency, developed part of a simulator of the International Space Station.
  • For Trimble, developed GPU-accelerated point cloud processing and 3D reconstruction algorithms

I frequently presented at SIGGRAPH, GDC (Game Developer Conference), Autodesk developer conferences

Internal projects:

  • Feeling Home: Prototyped e-commerce and browser-based 3D home visualization. Ahead of its time.
  • Feeling Constructive: Developed 3D reconstruction pipeline, to create fully-textured 3D models from from photos. State-of-the-art at the time (e.g. point and line feature descriptors, pose estimation, advanced RANSAC, surface reconstruction from sparse data, etc.) Made obsolete by Kinect.

Fortem (2013-2017) - Founder and CEO, then CTO