Recent projects

Holographic 3D Op Center

World’s first holographic Security Management software.

Omnipresence 3D

Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D software helps organizations prevent costly mistakes and respond to incidents in record time — protecting our communities against increasingly complex security threats.

Blog + Experiments

Unity toy projects

Helping my kids learn C# while having fun.

Review: UE4 tutorial

UE4 is awesome. Epic’s tutorials are good but could be improved to be more competitive with Unity. Here’s how.

Review: Montage4D

The authors demonstrate steady progress towards commercially-viable Holoportation - they fix most texturing problems.

Neural network vs Crazy cats and dogs

Deep neural networks can recommend your next purchase, recognize cancer cells… but who cares? Here we focus on an age-old existential question: how accurately can they classify crazy cats and dogs pictures?