Holographic 3D Op Center

World’s first holographic Security Management software.

Key benefits:

  • Be aware and in control, anywhere, anytime.
  • View 3D maps of your facilities, city
  • Respond fast and correctly to alarms, incidents
  • Instantly see relevant videos, unlimited screens
  • Simulate incidents, practice response
  • Seamless integration, interoperability
  • Efficiently collaborate within and across agencies
  • Complements Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D

Details: http://fortem.com/3d-op-center/

Personal contribution

  • Lead a 2-engineers team (myself included) to develop first prototype on Microsoft Hololens using Unity and C#, in a few weeks.
  • Used Lean Startup methodology, e.g. mock-ups, MVP, etc.
  • Personally implemented all the Unity UI, animations (e.g. simulated volcano eruption); optimized 3D model and code to run consistently at 60fps on Hololens, even when recording and streaming live video.
  • Presented and gathered feedback from dozens of potential customer - Fortune 500s, government, defense, and potential acquirers.