Omnipresence 3D

Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D software helps organizations prevent costly mistakes and respond to incidents in record time — protecting our communities against increasingly complex security threats.

This mission originated from a school shooting at my alma matter. Our solution:

  • Seamlessly integrates 57 leading brands of security, automation and IT equipment, e.g. video cameras and recorders, access control, video analytics, GIS, GPS, radar, sonar, gunshot detection, etc.
  • Alerts users of abnormal situations and provide the most relevant and actionable information needed to make timely and correct decisions.
  • Features unique Immersive 3D technology that eliminates manual steps to increase productivity and manage incidents better and faster.

Personal contribution

  • Did first-hand market research, identified long-standing problems that could be resolved with our 3D expertise
  • Sold critical projects, from $170K first customer (university), to $3.7M military base protection covering dozens of sites, thousands of cameras, tracking of 1M personnel.
  • Convinced customers. 20+ trips to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, etc. Presentations and proposals, confirmed requirements, negotiated contracts, agreed on design, pass acceptance tests
  • Managed product evolution, e.g. wrote high-level requirements, lead UX design team, proposed solutions to some complex problems
  • Raised $4M
  • Co-authored 3 patents that increased competitive advantage
  • Produced the most critical marketing material, e.g. all recent web site content and videos.